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Gas Apparatus

Advanced Gas & Welding Solutions, LLC is an industry leading supplier of gas apparatus equipment.
We have an extensive portfolio of equipment for all applications from the industry’s best manufacturers.


Single Stage, Two Stage, Flow Gauge, Flow Meter, Manifold, High Pressure, Specialty, HVAC/Refrigeration Purge, Laser Gas Equipment, Specialty & many more

Cutting Torches

Oxy-Fuel Combination Torches, Oxy-Fuel Straight Torches, Machine Torches, Air/Acetylene Torches & many more

Torch Outfits

Oxy/Fuel, Heavy Duty, Medium Duty, Standard Duty, Light Duty, Air/Acetylene, Jewelry & many more

Tips & Mixers

Air/Acetylene, Hand Cutting, Machine Cutting, Heating, Welding/Brazing, Specialty & many more


Regulators, Flow Control Manifolds & Systems


Industrial, Medical and Specialty gas manifolds for multiple cylinder banks and feed gas distribution systems.

Our highly trained staff has the product knowledge and industry experience to assist you with all of your technical needs.

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