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Advanced Gas & Welding Solutions, LLC. offers one of the industry’s largest selections of grinding and finishing products.

Our product selection allows us to serve a wide array of businesses throughout the industry: ​nd many more. Our staff has the technical training and experience to provide you solutions for all of your abrasive needs. Contact us today and let us help you:

  • Choose the right abrasive for your application
  • Optimize your process by having our team of abrasive specialist review your application
  • Increase productivity and safety
Abrasives - grinding wheel
An example of one of our many abrasive products


  • Coated abrasives
  • Bonded abrasives
  • Non-woven abrasives
  • Surface conditioning abrasives
  • Precision grinding
  • Cutting wheels
  • Wire brushes
  • Diamond products
  • Carbide burs
  • Mounted points
  • Power tools
  • Accessories