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Specialty Gases

AGWS offers highly specialized gas mixtures for all industries and markets.

We offer Dependable Service Knowledge Quality Accuracy Trackability

We understand that specialty gas serves a critical role within chemical, biotechnology, material processing, environmental, food, semiconductor and pharmaceutical market segments.

AGWS can be your single source for all your specialty gases and equipment:

  • Hoses & fittings
  • Regulators & flowmeters that ensure downstream integrity
  • Automatic change-over manifolds
  • Purifiers

Pure gas and gas mixtures available in various grades of purity and sizes:

  • Ultra high purity & research grade pure gases
  • EPA protocol gases
  • Traceability standards
  • Primary standards
  • Precision blends
  • Certified standards
  • Batch certified
  • Laser gases
Gas manifold
Gas manifold